Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Nesting Party

 Melissa over at The Inspired Room  is hosting the 
5th Annual Fall Nesting Party series and I am joining in! 

I meant to get on this two days ago but I failed. Better late than never RIGHT?
So here are my 20 little things I love about Fall :
1.)   Cooling of weather
2.)   Colors of Fall
3.)   That much closer to Thanksgiving
4.)   That much closer to Christmas
5.)   Looking forward to wearing a sweater
6.)   Longer nights
7.)   Soups for dinner
8.)   Decorating in the hues of Fall
9.)   Pumpkins
10.)  Lower cooling bills
11.)  Smells of the air
12.)  School being in session
13.)  General Conference
14.)  Winter squash in FUN odd shapes and colors
15.)  Winter fruits and veggies
16.)  Feeling of new beginning with the change of seasons
17.)  Leaves
18.)  Burning pumpkin smelling candles
19.)   Decorating for Fall
20.)  Apple cider (warm)

 The weather here in Arizona has still been in the triple digits but supposedly yesterday was the last one. We will see how accurate they are on this. I am super tired of the heat and I really don't like the heat at all,well in less it is under some warm blankets or by a fireplace.
 Being that fall is my favorite time of year there are so many more things that I love about it. Today I plan on putting some more decorations so I can share them with you on the 9TH. I hope you are having a fabulous Fall day!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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