Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

Here in the valley of the heat sun it is a wonderful day it is actually raining! Woo Hoo! What better way to start out a Pink Saturday! My theme this week is Wheels that are Pink! Some day I will have the Pinkness on wheels I deserve.So lets get on with the Pinks!
Last week my sweet bloggy friend Scrappy Girl said she was having something Pink on her blog Four Season Farm for me. She put the cation that she found my dream ride. Little did she know I have been telling my kiddos I wanted a Pink Escalade . And here it is. Isn't it just beautiful. I can see myself in that the perfect Mommy Taxi!

This was my dream car growing up a pretty Pink Corvette
This is a nice little Pink vehical to cruse around town The Hummer
Now what gal wouldn't want to ride in a Pink Hello Kitty car I think it is a Ferrari
Then we have the classic pale Pink Thunderbird
This would be a groovey ride a Pink Volkswagon Van
I know I have posted this many time but my ultimate ride the Pink Harley Davidson Herritage Softail.
It gives me goosebumps!
Not for crusing around in but this is such a beautiful Pink on wheels I would love to have this in my backyard.
Not wheels but I had to add my festish with shoes on this Pink Saturday! I love these they look like Pirate boots. A girl would look good getting out of any of the vehicles with these beauties on or cooking at the grill.
Have a great Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Bea said...

Where on earth did you find those pink vehicles?
Pink T-Bird....I'm there...Pink VW vanagon.....oh yeah!
Only in my dreams though....but you never know.....thanks for sharing...Happy PS!

caren said...

These remind me of my daughters pink Barbie corvette she had when she was little. She drove it all over the neighborhood! Happy PS!

Jennicillin said...

That Hello Kitty car is a riot!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Regina said...

Nice pink!

♥Mimi♥ said...

I hate to be a broken record, but it's cold and gloomy here today and it rained all day yesterday! Hoping that I can get outside a bit to check out my gardens☺ Pink Saturday is bringing a little much needed and very welcome color into my home today. Thanks so much for participating. It's always so nice to visit your blog and see what's going on.

Do you think any of these would qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program☺

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and everyone you l♥ve. I'm hoping mine will be dry☺

Jaclyn said...

Happy Pink Saturday! So funny... my niece who just turned 16 wants a Pink Geo Tracker and is willing to sell her horse to get one :)

Anonymous said...

Daddy is going to need a 5th & 6th job along with a gigantic garage for all of those.

Mary said...

It's a shame you couldn't fins any pink :-). I loved your post. I hope you have a wonderful week, Bobbi Jo.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love your pink rides and finds- you are a pinkie queen for sure! Happy PS!

Claudia said...

I love the pink T-bird and the Harley! Happy Pink Saturday!

Sarah said...

Love all the pink vehicles! What a way to make a Saturday PINK! Thanks for sharing.

Hope to see you at my place some time. Stop by for a visit! ~ Hyacinth

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Gorgeous pinkies
Happy PS and have a great weekend

peggy gatto said...

HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need that set of wheels!!!
Fun post!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

What a fun pink post! Happy Belated Pink Saturday. ~

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed.

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Max Piedra said...

Pink is not usually the color you associate with a bike. But I guess this color can look good on a Harley too! In fact, it looks adorable and charming. Who knew that steel and pink can go together beautifully! [Max Piedra]

Leisa said...

You are right, Max. Pink is definitely an unusual color of choice for a vehicle. But many find the color quite charming, and car manufacturers think that it can work for cars and bikes. Good thing they decided to make some so we can admire them. :-) [Leisa Dreps]