Monday, August 17, 2009


A while back on Facebook my BFF from Grade school and I were reconnected. Now lets back up a bit.
  Tracy and her family moved in across the street and a house down from me. We became friends and were almost inseparable till we went to Jr. High. At that point we had different friends and didn't hang out that much.
We graduated from High School and she got married in 1985 and that was the last I had talked with her. 
I tried to find her through different avenues but no luck till Facebook. So glad it happened!
Today we met at Mimi's Cafe at the Chandler Fashion Mall. I walked in and used the bathroom seeing a lady in a table near there but I didn't know what she looked like. And then she came up front and found me. 
We had a great lunch. I must say the company was way better than the food. It was to catch up on 24 years of our lives. Talking, laughing and laughing more. It was so much fun! 
I missed Tracy and so glad to have her back in my life .
Thank you Tracy for your freindship. I love you. 
Stay in touch with friends they are so impotant. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

Isn't it great to reconnect with old friends?

Jaclyn said...

That is a nice story :)

Risa said...

Cute story! Glad to hear about the reconnection. I have a friend who keeps coming back into my life and she is like a rock for me. We have pics of us growing up and trick or treating!! :-)