Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mormon Prom

E'lyse got asked to Mormon Prom by her good friend Drew Wetch. 
Coco helped E'lyse get ready for the night by doing her hair and make- up
Coco & E'lyse 

 E'lyse is such a goof ball
 Back of her hair before the comb out
Up close of the pretty eyes of E'lyse 
 Kissy Kissy face 
Teasing begins 
 Oh yea
Now for the make-up 
Coco applying the lip stick 

My beautiful goofy girls 
E'lyse about ready to go

 There we go both are ready for a picture now
Kylia and I were in watching 
What an adorable little face she has.
E'lyse getting her shoes on. 
Drew looking studly 
Drew looking like he is a model. 
Coco went with E'lyse and Drew to take pictures before their date. 
Coco did a great job on E'lyses hair & makeup. 
E'lyse and Drew 
 Drew & E'lyse 
 Kylia and E'lyse 
 E'lyse & Naima 
 Talamge kissing E'lyse 
E'lyse had a good time and she looked so pretty. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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