Monday, May 13, 2013

Orchestra Concert

It was Faith's last orchestra concert of the year and of her being an 8 Th grader. 
Here is Faith waiting to start
 See Faith's pretty white violin? First time she used it in a concert.
 Almost time to play
And now...she did a great job
 So happy she has a love for music and playing an instrument.
 She is so my child
This was before we left . E'lyse being silly 
 And the following pictures are why you don't let kiddos take off with your camera or why you do. he he 
E'lyse and Gabby
 Drew, E'lyse and Gabby 
Drew and E'lyse with Gabby's hand blocking her face 
 Gabby with her Duck lips and E'lyse 
Above us hung Daryl the fish that Gabby made in art.
 Another view of Daryl and fishy friends 
After concert outside Gabby and Faith 
 Gabby and Faith 
 Faith, me and Alan
 another one
Mr.T and Faith  (he is Faith's orchestra teacher)
 Mr.T and Faith 
 Gabby, Faith and E'lyse 
Silly one 
Faith , Gabby and Bryce photo bombing .

Apparently a piggy back ride is a must after a concert  
Gabby carrying Faith around 
A quick stop 
And back around 
The American and Arizona flag
Flowers on our way out to the truck. 
 I was having fun with my camera.
We got home and Drew and E'lyse decided to make BIG EYES with a glass jar.

So another year of orchestra concerts over.
Faith has come along way in her playing.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

So glad Faith is in orchestra! Love all the pictures.