Saturday, May 4, 2013

Minimal Movements

I had been working out on clearing clutter and becoming more simplified in my life 
This is what progress I have made so far
The kitchen was getting over run with plastic containers
Now they are BPA free but I would eventually like to go to all glass 
and have less stored in them daily.
I tend to over cook
This is when I took them out of the cupboard
Going through the lids
One I got rid of, donating them
Forgot to take a before picture but this is it afterwards 
Much neater take my word for it. 
Upper dish cabinet
A few items of clothing 
These are the items I am letting people go through to see what they want
 More... except the gray tubs those are Dallas & Sara's

 And the last of this past weeks so far.

I enjoyed having all these little extras at one time but now they are just clutter to store and take up space
I don't need them anymore so I will let others use them
Feels good to clear out. 
There is so much more to do.
 Sometimes this is tough to get rid of things you might need but gotta be ruthless.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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