Saturday, September 24, 2011

Media Fast

I just wanted to let those who check in on my blog that I am going in for surgery on Monday the 26Th. I am having 2 surgeries performed, luckily the 2 doctors are able to tag team the surgeries so I only have to be put under once. I am having another hernia repair from a repair that was done in 2006 and a bladder lift done. I am not looking forward to this but, I will be happy to have it done.
Our church leaders have asked us to participate in a Media Fast. This will start on tomorrow morning and go through to October 3rd. This is where we will not watch TV, listen to music or use the computer (unless it is for our work). We are allowed to listen to uplifting music that brings the spirit into our heart and homes. Our Conference weekend is next week, this is where we get to hear uplifting, inspiring and important messages from our First Presidency and our loving Prophet Thomas S. Monson
I have decided to participate in this, other than checking on the family while I am in the hospital I will abstain from all that would distract me from being able to do this. I look at it as kind of a fast for my spirit.
We (in our church and family) have the choice to do this or not but I think it will be beneficial to me.
I will miss checking on you all but will be back on Monday, October 3rd. Please come back and see me then.
May you all be happy, healthy and safe. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Gabby's Party

Gabby has been reading a series of books by Julie Bowe . The books are about this little girl
Ida May and her three best friends. The first book Gabby read about a month ago and just loved it. She read it in less than 2 days. She got the idea for her Birthday party to be a costume party from this book. So we sat down and planned out the party. It just so happens that Gabby's has three best friends that she wanted to have to the party. Unfortunately one of the girls was out of town for it .
This was not the costume that Gabby originally wanted to have but we were having a hard time finding the items to make the other so we are saving that for Halloween.
I think she makes a very pretty witch
Gabby had so much fun getting ready for this

Below is E'lyse, Ainsley and Gabby being silly
Ainsely, Gabby and Faith
When I got home Friday afternoon after an appointment Gabby had already decorated for the party and it turned out great
Dinning Table waiting for the other BFF to get there
Staircase all decked out
Great room fan even got decked out
We decided to play American Idol our own version. E'lyse, Faith and I were the judges and had the girls come down, we asked the questions, had them do some dances and such and they each got prizes.
This is Taylor
Ainsley showing her dance moves
Gabby lighting the candles on her cupcake
Gabby with the traditional candle mouth stuffed picture
Self-filled cup cake up close
Cup cakes from the top
The pinata was made by Faith & Gabby
since Gabby loves corn it is a Giant corn on the cob
Ainsley taking a swing
Taylor's turn to try and get it openGood hit but not hard enough

I think it was Faith that finally got it open.
The girls then played the game Quelf. It is such a fun game.
The girls had fun playing more games, giggling and talking.
Gabby did a great job with her party so all in all it was a success.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Prize With Other Fun Things

Yesterday after I took E'lyse for her permit. Yes she got it and passed the first time. She was so happy and so was I. I don't like those offices they always smell.Anyway we stopped by to get the mail and there was a package there for me.
I got my beautiful doilies that I won. The work on these are beautiful.
Here is the one with the pumpkins on our dining room table with a harvest candle burning in the center. It looks as good as I thought it would. Love it! Thank you again Marilyn of
This next picture of the pretty roses are from Tuesday night. Alan bought the three girls each a rose and matching vase. They know how I love flowers so they put them on the kitchen island in front of the sink so I can enjoy them too.
About 2 weeks ago I go into the upstairs hall where our daughters have their rooms and there are new signs on their doors.
This is Faith & Gabby's. It plays the song "I Feel Good". Too funny and perfect for these two
This is from E'lyse's door.
This is my patriotic rooster in my kitchen from 9/11
This is from a kit that Gabby had. They are called Picsos. We got it at Good Will for her a while back and the other night before bed she came over with this little guy for me.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, friends near and far such as you. Thank you for visiting hope you will come back very soon. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Evening of Excellence

On Tuesday night our ward had the Young Woman's Evening of Excellence program. This is for girls ages 12 to 17. This is a time the girls are noticed for the remarkable people they are. Ahead of time they have different values that they work on and have it on display to share with the families.

This is Brother Alger (the 1ST Counselor to the Bishop), Faith and Bishop Masistis.
Brother Alger, E'lyse and Bishop Masitis

In the picture below is Gabby, E'lyse and Faith

Faith's hair was done by E'lyse. I think it is so pretty!

E'lyse and Faith

Faith's picture in front of her project board
E'lyses picture
The young lady in the green dress is Alise. She is one of E'lyses BFF's .
Madilyn neighbor girl & friend

Below is E'lyse, Alise and Janel
Silly girls
E'lyse & Alise
E'lyse & Janel
Alan & E'lyse
Michelle and her daughter Janel
Janel, Sis.Cortney Oram & E'lyse
E'lyse and her Mia Maids leader Sis. Sharee Jensen
Sis. Tolemen (a leader) & E'lyse
E'lyse & Sis. Osborn (Leader)
The girls in Young Women s

It was a fun night and the girls looked so pretty. I was very proud of my girls. All of my girls are beautiful inside and out, even our Coco who is not in pictures here.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo