Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Time to start another week and it is Tuesday but feels like Monday.
I hope that everyone had a great & safe Labor Day Weekend.
Our family minus Dallas, went to Pinetop on Saturday morning to visit with Coco, Kyle, Talmage and Naima. It was great to get out of the valley but most of all to see them. We really didn't do anything to special. We hung out at their house most of the time and enjoyed visiting, watching TV on Netflix and playing with the kiddos.
One of the biggest crazes going around has been planking. Well Talmage likes to just throws himself on the ground and there is a big thud from his head and he laughs. We talked him into laying on the top of our cooler and planking.
Of course I took a picture just for you all.

Talmage was coloring and I said that since Dallas wasn't there he should draw a picture for him that I could take home. He got excited and for the first time he drew people.
Coco has been waiting for this moment that he could draw people with the big circle heads and smiles. The picture is in Talmages words: "Grandma you are on top, Dallas (on the left side) this is me Talmage when I was just little and Grandpa on the bottom."
Too cute!
Then in the night time Coco decided to play with E'lyses hair. WOW! It was so funny when Coco started teasing it, E'lyse could see what she was doing and Coco kept making silly faces the more it stood up.

On Sunday after church we went for a ride and picnic to Holly Lake. We didn't stay long due to we didn't have a day permit. We thought it was kind of stupid they had a sign that there was not camping or fishing with out a permit they didn't say anything about stopping to eat. So we had just got done eating when a officer came up and talked with us. He let us go without a ticket.
On Monday morning we loaded up and headed home.
I love to go on trips and visit people and places but the famous words of Dorthy from the
Wizard Of OZ , "There's no place like home."
Today is a day of catching up on things around here as far as chores that get done normally on Mondays, Working with Gabby on homeschooling, running to the library and store and I have an EKG appointment at noonish.
Hope everyone has a great day. I will be around sometime later this evening to visit blogs.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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