Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gabby's Party

Gabby has been reading a series of books by Julie Bowe . The books are about this little girl
Ida May and her three best friends. The first book Gabby read about a month ago and just loved it. She read it in less than 2 days. She got the idea for her Birthday party to be a costume party from this book. So we sat down and planned out the party. It just so happens that Gabby's has three best friends that she wanted to have to the party. Unfortunately one of the girls was out of town for it .
This was not the costume that Gabby originally wanted to have but we were having a hard time finding the items to make the other so we are saving that for Halloween.
I think she makes a very pretty witch
Gabby had so much fun getting ready for this

Below is E'lyse, Ainsley and Gabby being silly
Ainsely, Gabby and Faith
When I got home Friday afternoon after an appointment Gabby had already decorated for the party and it turned out great
Dinning Table waiting for the other BFF to get there
Staircase all decked out
Great room fan even got decked out
We decided to play American Idol our own version. E'lyse, Faith and I were the judges and had the girls come down, we asked the questions, had them do some dances and such and they each got prizes.
This is Taylor
Ainsley showing her dance moves
Gabby lighting the candles on her cupcake
Gabby with the traditional candle mouth stuffed picture
Self-filled cup cake up close
Cup cakes from the top
The pinata was made by Faith & Gabby
since Gabby loves corn it is a Giant corn on the cob
Ainsley taking a swing
Taylor's turn to try and get it openGood hit but not hard enough

I think it was Faith that finally got it open.
The girls then played the game Quelf. It is such a fun game.
The girls had fun playing more games, giggling and talking.
Gabby did a great job with her party so all in all it was a success.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

How fun. They all look cute.