Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gabby's Birthday

On Monday night we celebrated Gabby's 11TH Birthday.
Last year at this time Gabby had her Birthday at Cardon's Children's Medical Center .
The people of the Child Life Services at the hospital made it special for her but, I think she was glad to celebrate here at home.
Gabby wanted a Toll House Pie for her "cake".

Gabby lighting the candles

Gabby's favorite FREAK ME OUT scary face
Blowing out the candles
The tradition of putting all the candles in your mouth (Dallas got out of this one this year.)
Gabby and her new Blue Jay Webkins
Gabby loves corn and let's you know constantly so Faith made her a picture about her love of corn.
Gabby opening more gifts
My baby girl is now 11 years old
Children are so fun and I love having traditions with my family. I hope they will continue these with theirs in the future.
Friday night Gabby is having a Costume Birthday Party with her BFF's I will be taking many pictures to share.

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The Lucas Gang said...

When did she get so old..... I remember the day she was born