Monday, July 27, 2009

A Bunch To Catch Up On

I have been out of town and I have bunch to catch up on. First of all I forgot to post my Pink Saturday pictures so that will be coming this Saturday. Sorry for that Beverly!
Friday afternoon we left for our family vacation to the white mountains in Pinetop, Arizona. Coco, Kyle and Talmage left earlier in the day and had Dallas and E'lyse drive up her car and they took Kyle's truck. Since Kyle leaves in two weeks to go to boot camp his truck will be stored at his parents house. Alan had some work to finish up so we didn't get out of here until 4ish. We had Faith and Gabby with us. It was a nice trip. We went through the Salt River Canyon. This canyon is about 2,000 ft. down and it is beautiful. Here are a few pictures of it

This canyon is pretty big and a little scary at times. My pictures don't do it justice. As you are going down the one side you can look over at the other side where there is a car that is on the side of the cliff from a while back. Yes a little scary!
As we got out of the canyon we hit some wonderful rain clouds then a storm.
This made the ride even better.
We got into Pinetop between 8:30 and 9. It had been raining and smelled so good and was a wonderful 60
This sure beats the high 70's and 80's in the evening in the valley. Sleeping with the windows wide open is the best.
This is the cabin that is owned by my mother in love and where we lived for a year and a half.
This cabin has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen dining combo and living room. The second cabin that was the original here but rebuilt about 19 years ago it has a loft, 1 bedroom, bathroom and washer & dryer area.
and the tree house that the kiddos all love to play in The back yard is the reservation.
We loved living here but job wise couldn't make it. Anyway we lived here all 7 of us in a little over 1100 square feet of home. Pinetop is a wonderful place to visit and live the people are wonderful and the land is just breathtaking.
Saturday Dallas went away with one of his friends from up there for the day. Alan, E'lyse, Faith , Gabby and I went to do a little shopping for groceries and out shooting.
Of course I have pictures to share:
This is Faith and Alan shooting the 22.
E'lyse shooting and Gabby getting pointers from Dad.
Then came the fun guns I shot the Glock it was a blast! Notice my evil face. I love shooting things and watching them blow up or just dance around. He He He
E'lyse took her turn. She is not wild about shooting guns and this one had a little bit of kick and was loud.
We then shot the 357
This gun was great to shoot with no kick at all. E'lyse and Faith wouldn't give it a try but Gabby wanted to she only shot once but she did it.
Then Alans turn to shoot
After cleaning up our things we went back to the cabin to hang out. We have pizza and watched the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic". It was a cute movie and great shoes!
Sunday we got up had breakfast and got ready to go to church. We went to church and came back home. After lunch while the rest of the family was watching TV I decided to take a nap. I fell asleep quickly and woke to the rain. How I love to nap while it rains.
In the evening after dinner we all loaded into the van to go spotlighting. Alan and Dallas each armed with a spot light out the front window. The 3 girls and I piled into the middle seat so we could all see. We are a bunch of dorks!

We got back to the cabin a little earlier that wanted due to both spotlights having problems staying on. But we did see a couple of heard of elk. They are such beautiful animals.
We got back to the cabin and we made smores. It was fun but everyone was really tired due to bedtimes not being given on vacation.
This morning Alan took E'lyse and Gabby fishing to a place called Scot's Reservoir but no luck getting any fish. The girls had a good time anyway. We cleaned up the cabin and headed back down to the valley to meet up with the heat and sun.
It was a good vacation and it is always fun to get away. But as the saying goes "There's no place like home!"
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and had a great weekend. I will be around to catch up on blogs and emails in the next two days.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

I have never shot a gun before. My husband tries to get me to, but it scares me!

Connie said...

Sugar, I LOOOOOVE that evil look on your face!!! Hah....Jack and Keith took me shooting the shotgun, rifle AND the semi-automatic pistol. I'm still recovering from the "kick" of the slide on the semi, chick!!! Thank heavens Keith is a nurse and could bandage his motherrrrRRRrrr!! I'll bear the scars on my thumb till my dying day, which will come sooner if they try to teach me again. Two Marines, trying to teach their wife and mom!! Didn't work; I flunked out.

That eye candy you have up on the right hand sidebar is better than chocolate raspberry truffles, I tell ya, honey!!!!!! Rrrrrroooarrrr


Jaclyn said...

Thanks for the pictures... there are a lot of great memories of the cabin :) Glad you guys had fun! I also, enjoy shooting but haven't been in awhile. My favorite to shoot is a 9mm because I am accurate with that gun. I like to also shoot with David's black powder rifle but only usually shoot it once because the kick back hurts my shoulder :)

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

I am so jealous! I sooo miss the white mountains and I have the best memories of that cabin! Glad you had fun!

shortmama said...

Sounds like a nice break!! And you were welcomed back with 114 degrees today!

LillySue said...

Bobby Jo~
So glad you got to have a fun getaway!! I like plinking with the guns too..I am actually a pretty good shot, kinda amazes my hubby I think, heehe!

Risa said...

Oh I love shooting. I've got a 40 cal compact and hubs has a 1911. Same amount of kick to me.

Where's your ear protection? I'd die if I didn't have that!

Small House said...

Oh my word....I love the look on your face while holding that gun! HILLARIOUS! Looked like a lot of fun. And what a wonderful place to haved lived for a short time. I'm sure your kids have a lot of fun memories being there.

Have a great day.