Monday, June 17, 2013

Changes and Menu Plan Monday

Two weeks ago Alan and I made a deal that we would no longer have fast food or convenience store stops.
So far so good! 
We are sick of tired of feeling sick and tired. 
Working to pay a bill and there is never enough. It isn't that our debt is crazy big but it is big enough to bother us. We can do this and will do this. 
Going back to basics in my life, getting my families lives organized, and working as a family to get out of debt is my renewed focus.
Step one is getting back to menu planning and sticking to it. 
Menu Plan Monday:
Toasted cheese sandwiches, soup & fruit
Hawaiian Haystacks, broccoli & Fruit
Crock pot Rotisserie chicken, corn & rolls 
Chicken Pot pie, salad 
Homemade Pizza, salad 
Taco salad, quesadilla& veggies with dip
Chicken Stroganoff, rolls, salad
I will be making all the foods I can from scratch to keep it healthy and yummy!
Another goal of mine is to use my day planner faithfully.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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