Sunday, January 30, 2011

Concert, Massage & Fun Oh MY

Yesterday was my first day working at the Alvea Spa at Encantera contry club. I was origianlly suppose to work 3 to 8 but got a text asking if I could work 11 to 8.  I got there and it was amazing what they can do in just 2 days. there were vendor tents set up a huge stage for the concert and a lot of people.
 Started doing chair massages about 2. There was all different kids of vendors there and it all smelled so yummy. Lunch was provided for us and it was yummy!  I met some wonderful people.
 Around 5 Kenny G was around the corner from our spot signing autographs. I went over and took a picture of him I was about 8 ft. from him but a lady stepped right in front of him as I took the picture but didn't see it till last night when I got home. Oh well at least I got to see him with my own eyes.
 The energy was amazing, especially when Kenny G came on stage and started playing.He is such a talented sax player and a great sense of humor.
 So my day was full of massages (around 50 chair massages), working with a fun group of people and meeting & working on some great people.  It was a long day but so glad I had the opportunity to put the day in my life.
 There are suppose to be 3 more concerts coming before May. It will be neat to see who is coming.
 Time to get ready for church. Have a wonderful Sabath day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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