Friday, September 13, 2013

Dallas is 21

 We celebrated Dallas's 21st Birthday a day early 
since Coco and her kiddos were going home the next day.
Dallas, Sara and Dean came over for dinner and cake. 
Funny story Dallas had called me on Monday. I had already planned & had meat thawing out for dinner.
Dallas say's "I was wondering if you wanted to do my Birthday celebration tonight since Coco is leaving in the morning? "
 I said sure. Normally I would ask person having Birthday what they want for dinner & cake, pie or cookies. 
Me:  " What about your cake or what do you want? " 
Dallas: "Well I guess Sara and I could stop and buy a cake. Unless you want to make a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing."
Me: "If I want to ?"
Dallas: "Yea, only if you want to?"
he he Love this kiddos.
So we had planned dinner of meatloaf and I did make the chocolate cake & peanut butter frosting. 
Sara, Dallas and E'lyse standing beside him.  
   Sara, E'lyse showing sisterly love (or just trying to get in the picture) hugging Dallas.
Family tradition of putting all the candles in your mouth. Of course this is after we have sang and the candles have been blown out. 
(Honestly I almost chocked on mine in June there was so many). 
 Sara giving Dallas a Birthday kiss. 
We had a good time visiting and celebrating his Birthday.
I can't believe he is 21 boy does this make me feel a little dated. he he 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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