Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bath Time & Hanging Out In My Room

These pictures where taken when Coco and the kiddos were here visiting. 
This is one of the problems with not keeping up on the blogging there are so many pictures. 

Kylia in the bath
For some reason we tend to end up in my room hanging out.
Kylia looking cute (love the piggy tails)
 another one 
 Kylia & Coco 
 Sweet kisses from mamma 
 Naima spent time playing on the bed with a toy 
 Naima fixing Coco's hair 
 Faith on the phone and Coco cooking up a plan 
Faith with grumpy face 
 Coco's evil plan of foot in Faith's face 
 Faith was a little disgusted by Coco's plan. 
 Gabby kept hiding trying to not get her picture taken 
 HA I got one anyway. 
This was taken at a different time .
Gabby watched the kiddos while Coco & I went away.
Gabby put Evil eyebrows on Kylia.
She is so cute! 
It was great having having Coco, Talmage, Naima and Kylia here.
It is always a lot of fun having them here. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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