Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Family Home Evening Fun in The Desert

Monday evening for our Family Home Evening we went out to the desert (where there are areas to shoot guns legally.) and did some shooting. 
The photographer (ME) didn't get each of the girls as they shot (LAME O).
This is as we were headed out 
E'lyse and the top of my head
 Gabby and Faith 
 When we got to the area the girls were doing some scouting for object to shoot at and exploring the area.
Gabby on the top of the hill and Faith running.
 E'lyse with a can that we took out for shooting at.
E'lyse, Gabby and Faith 
 Faith & Gabby 
 E'lyse watching her Dad shooting 
 Faith a little crazy from the guns (or just a little crazy!!)
 Gabby waiting her turn
 Smile Gabby
 Poser Gabby and Alan in the background
 Gabby shooting and Alan making sure all is safe
 Gabby glaring 
 Faith & E'lyse waiting in bed of truck for their turn
 Faith drinking her soda pop and Gabby photo bombing her
Selfy of Gabby with E'lyse photo bombing her
Alan shooting 
I found a varmit call in Alan's truck ( Doesn't everyone have a varmit call in their vehicle ?)
So E'lyse starting using it and making music. 
Shortly there after the girls started dancing to it
Gabby came over and joined in 
All the girls showing sweet dance moves.
I guess this was our song for the night
Then being the great Mother that I am I went and took pictures of the girls playing in the road
E'lyse doing a cartwheel 
 Faith acting in her character for the play she will be in as Puck.
Gabby doing a cartwheel
I was trying to get the girls jumping and it was failing a few times 
 Action shot
YOLO (You Only Live Once)
Love this one
And the END! 

After we were done we cleaned up our mess and went home.
We had dinner, read scriptures and had a few laughs.
It was a fun evening with the family. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

I'm jealous I missed out on all the fun!