Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Step Now Little Steps Declutter

I have been doing a little hear and there. I have gotten rid of 6 large fruit boxes of books. I love books and thought this too would be a hard thing for me but NO it felt really good to clear out those shelves.
This is a TV stand in our bedroom the shelf is just below where the TV sits. It has doors on it so you can close it but just knowing what is in there was bothering me. So I got a CD/DVD case and got rid of all the yucky plastic cases 

This is the bottom of the TV stand. I didn't take a picture before I cleared it but it was awful! It had all my massage books from school, reading books and some other things on it. It too will get cleared off again in the near future but now it  looks so much neater.
 Yesterday afternoon I decided to hit a fast easy spot to clear out 
My make up bag. No joke this is what I saw when I opened it up this was not staged. 
 I ruthlessly went through it. Decided what I wear, use and can't live without and this is what I ended up with.
 Make up I got rid of.
I then decided I needed to clear out under my side of the counter. 1St rule in decluttering is pull it all out. So that I did.
 This was some of the other items that found their way under there. 
 Wow invisaline from how many years ago. Did I think I was going to wear them again. 
 This is what I put back under. I want to get a cute storage container of some sort to 
store the items a little neater but for now this looks good to me. 
 Still feeling good about all that I have gotten rid of .
There is much more in the works so stay tuned. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

Holy Cow Woman, YOUR ON A ROLL!
Very Inspiring.

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