Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Grandbabies

This past weekend Coco and Kyle went away to Sedona for an anniversary get away.
Due to the fact when it is their real anniversary Coco will be about 8 months pregnant and probably not wanting to travel too far away from home.
Sadly I didn't take a bunch of picture of the grand babies. I think it was just one of those things that they are so busy doing this and running there that I didn't think of it. 
Other than the pictures below of the kiddos when they were up in our room playing.
For some odd reason Nellie's (my dog) dog bed mush be super comfy
This is Talmage just hanging out with a broken cell phone pretending he is talking to someone 
 Naima loving on the dog
 Naima when she was playing in the girls room with Faith and Gabby
 Oh no not so happy here
 Making faces with Nie
 Love this picture of true happiness on her face 
 Naima and Talmage played in my bathtub for about 45 minutes. 
I kept making sure the water was staying warm. 
They had so much fun with the washcloths I gave them  
Coco and Kyle came home on Sunday and we celebrated E'lyse Birthday.
I think they had a good time I know we did with the kiddos. Such happy and sweet little ones.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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