Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pampering Day

Gabby has a new crush his name is Josh Hutcherson who will be in the new movie The Hunger Games. She is a little obsessed about him. Okay a little more than a little obsessed. Anyway she spelled out his name on her nails the last time she painted them. 

 On Saturday March 3Rd Gabby invited her friend Ainsley over for a Pamper Day. We bought chocolate face masks and she had all of her little party planed out. 
They first washed their hair.
This is Ainsley looking cute in her mask
 Gabby being well Gabby in her mask
 The left over of the chocolate masks
 Gabby and Ainsley 
 The little chocolate girls. 
I was at work while they had their morning of pampering. Gabby was using my camera but ran out of space so there is no more pictures of the day but I want to tell you what they did.
While the masks were drying they soaked their nails in a homemade nail growth formula. Then washed the masks off. Followed by manicures then lunch. 
After lunch they put on their bathing suits and jumped on the trampoline and basked in the sunlight. 
 They had a good time. 
I hope to have another pampering day when I am here so I can help out with the fun and take pictures.
Gabby and Ainsley had lots of fun.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

They are so silly, but looks like that had fun!