Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Have I been?

Thursday night Faith had her first play for drama club it was called "A Twist of The Tongue". It was really cute and all the kiddos did a super job singing and dancing, but I was most impressed with the tongue twisting talent of my Faith. Of course I took pictures although I am a little short so there are people sitting in front of me in most of them. Faith is the one in the front (yellow top shirt w/ purple underneath and hair down.)
The Kazoo number they played.
This is Faith with the talk show host doing her tongue twisting. Then after opening night. I bought Faith some flowers. She did such a good job and was very tired when we got home.
Friday Coco and I got a late start on doing our OAMC due to helping Dallas get his clothing for prom. Pictures to come of that later. So when we got home we started the cooking but didn't finish on Friday so I finished up the dishes without her on Saturday. This is what we made:
Chicken Pockets, Mexican Stroganoff, French Bread Pizza, Calzones, Chili Verde, Spaghetti, Wild Rice Chicken, Balkan Meatballs, Marinated Flank Steak, Chicken Broccoli, Linguine a' la Anne, Chili Hamburgers,Baked Eggs and Poulet de Fance.
Friday was also Alan and my 22nd Anniversary. We didn't spend it together due to him being out of town but we will be celebrating this week.
On Saturday night Alan got home and he went to see Faith in her play then they went out to dinner and a movie. She has been asking for some special her only time with daddy. While they were gone I was on the computer and my right eye got itchy and so I did what most people would do I scratched. BIG mistake! It kept itching and I go upstairs and my eye starts to swell up. So I took some Beneydril (sp?) and was out. I am guessing I had an alergic reaction to something but not sure what. Faith and Alan got home from their date. Alan said that my eye looked really bad. Thanks! So Sunday morning I wake up and looked similar to this
I feel sorry for this lady and I hope people don't think I am horrible for comparing my allergic reaction to her plastic surgeries. My eyes look like I went way overboard with plastic surgery as did this lady. The only thing was my right eye was swollen shut, my hands swollen and from feet to knee also swollen with bumps that itch! I know attractive! I kept taking my medication and being swollen and feeling like I couldn't even lift myself out of bed to go potty. This morning I wake up less swollen but still scary, no hearing in my right ear and left with a drug hangover from medicine that isn't supposed to make you sleepy. I am such a wimp! Alan went and got me a prescription for my ears filled so hopefully this will help out. I was so bad off that my hands were swollen that I could type on the computer although the spelling could have been really funny. I didn't even get my coupons cut out of the papers yesterday.
This is where I have been and what I have been up to. I am hoping to catch up on all the great blogs that I follow but I am not sure my eyes will stay open for it. he he
Have a great Monday evening! Hug,s Bobbi Jo


Janel said...

What a bummer about your allergic reaction!! Honestly though I think that picture of the cat lady is even more disturbing!! I really feel sorry for her, yikes!!

Happy Anniversary! ;D

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! I have seen pics of that lady before and well to be nice she just looks YUCK!

Jaclyn said...

Wow. Hope you feel better soon!

Blessings of Health and Prosperity said...

Oh wow, that sounds like it was awful! I hope you are all better. It reminds me of the allergy scene in the movie Hitch where his face was so swollen and he got drunk off the Benedryl. Did you see it? Funny! Happy 22nd Anniversary. Blessings, Celene

LillySue said...

Bless your HEART!! I hope you are feeling better real soon!!

Ham N Cheese said...

Poor bobbi!!!