Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Pictures

Sunday morning pictures with the girls
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 
 Silly picture 
This is what happens when I leave my camera down on the table unguarded 
E'lyse photo bombing Gabby
Gabby walking weird 
E'lyse singing to Nellie 
So on Sunday I didn't have a partner in the nursery with me. 
E'lyse and Gabby said they would come in and help me. 
So I did my usual thing playing with the kids, snack time, lesson, color time then music time.
The girls were laughing at me.
They said this was a different side of me that they have never seen before. 
Maybe not a good idea to have them in there with me. It was fun though.
Had a good weekend. 
Hope you did too.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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